Name: Damiana extract
Botanical source: Turnera diffusa
Specification: 3:1~10:1
Appearance: light green powder
Test method: TLC
Packing: 25KG/ cardboard drum
Storage: Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat
Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored
Damiana extract is extracted from the turnera diffusa shrub common to Central and South America. The extract may come powdered and in pill form or as a liquid tincture made from the extract added to water or alcohol. Damiana leaves have long been used because of the positive stimulation they often have on the digestive and reproductive systems. The extract is perhaps most popular as an aphrodisiac. It is also said to relieve indigestion problems and boost one's mood.
Damiana Extract has long been claimed to have a stimulating effect on libido, so it can enhance the sexuality;
The extract is thought to balance hormone levels, which could lead to several benefits. The plant may help one kick depression and anxiety. As the extract often increases blood flow throughout the body, headaches may be alleviated, while energy levels and metabolism could increase. Damiana extract can be found in some energy drinks for this reason.
The effect of damiana extract on the digestive tract has been related to the effect of parsley in some ways. Damiana supplements typically boast the ability to cure constipation by acting as a diuretic and a laxative. The extract is, on the other hand, also believed to stop diarrhea and dysentery.